6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City

- July 09, 2016
Jogjakarta also known as Yogyakarta is one of the heritage city in Indonesia. Here's 6 best place to visit in Jogjakarta.
Malioboro is the main road of Jogjakarta stretch from north to south ini the heart of Jogjakarta city. Malioboro has been known as one of tourist attractions in Jogjakarta since a long time. Along this road exactly on its sidewalks, many street vendors sell a various kinds of souvenirs such a leather, wooden and silver handycrafts, batik clothes, also a traditional food of Jogjakarta. Malioboro is well known with "lesehan" means sitting a mat having meals of drinks, which is especially available at night. at this lesehan we can enjoy Nasi Gudeg, Sate, Bakso and other special food of Jogjakarta. It can be said that Malioboro is such an all day living area in Jogjakarta. That's why one does not really visit Jogjakarta without visiting Malioboro. There's also Pasar Beringharjo or Pasar Gede in the southern part of his area. related to the name it's the biggest market in Jogjakarta where people can find and buy handycrafts, traditional foods, batik, clothes and daily needs. Lays in the west of Malioboro a ceratin area called Pathuk where visitors can find traditional food namely Bakpia or widely known as Bakpia Pathuk. Malioboro as a trade centre provides many fasilities such as shopping centre, restaurant, hotels, supermarkets and informal sectors as well.
6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City
Malioboro Street, pic:http://www.dodaholiday.com/
Borobudur Temple
Borobudur temple is budhist temple was built by the Cailendra dynasty in the 8th century. As budhist temple, the main object of Borobudur is statue of budha in manykind position. The big legend from this statue is the statue that calls Kuntobimo that people can reach it, the needed can be reach. Located some 42 km from Yogyakarta, Borobudur is one world heritage in Indonesia.
Borobudur Temple, pic:http://pmb.lipi.go.id/
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan temple is the Hindu's, was built by the Sanjaya dynasty in the 9th century . As the hindu temple, the main temple has three shrines, dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Ciwa, Wisnu and Brahma. Located some 17 km form Yogyakarta, Prambanan is the one of main heritage in the classic period.
6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City
Prambanan Temple, pic:http://www.beritaseri.com/

Tamansari Water Castle
Tamansari is located on Taman Street, about 1 km south of Yogyakarta Palace. Tamansari was built by Sultan HBI and has been functioned as royal recreational until Sultan HBI III period. The remainder of the complex which can be seen at present are Gapura Panggung (the main gate of the eastward), Umbul Kawitan Bathing Pool, Pamuncar, Gapura Agung (in western gate).
6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City
Tamansari Water Castle, pic:http://www.tourtravelyogyakarta.com/
Silver Handicraft
Kotagede is identically known as silver city considering most of the people in Kotagede produce or manufacture a silver handicraft. But nowdays they also manufacture handicraft made of gold, brossware, copperware and embroidery cloths.
6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City
Silver Handicraft Kotagede, pic;http://indonesianparadise.net/
Pagelaran of Yogyakarta Palace
Actually the Pagelaran os the front part of the Sultan Palace. It was once the plcae where formal meetings between the Sultan and his people are held. In this Pegelaran there's sacred place called Siti Hinggil means the higher ground, respectively is place where the Sultan took his seat, watching his people appeared before him. At present, Pagelaran displays a diorama of Javanese Wedding Ceremony and a traditional clothes. Besides, it shows a gamelan instrumen, kerises (dagger) anda traditional carriages.
6 Best Place in Jogjakarta City
Pagelaran Keraton Jogja, pic:http://www.jogjadailytour.com/

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